Mum is Excited – Monday 22nd February 2021

Mum is excited

Mum is excited but it’s not about the sorts of things she usually gets excited about. Next Saturday, she will be having her first Covid_19 vaccination. We had a long discussion about it. I said that I don’t normally get excited about having my vaccinations, so mum asked how I’d feel if I couldn’t see other dogs. I didn’t get the point she was making, until I thought about how my vaccinations protect me from becoming ill. I’m pretty healthy as dogs go, but if I caught something it would not just be a risk to me, but to dogs are more at risk. Faced with that though, I began to see her point.

Then she said

Then Mum said how would I feel if I never got to see Wilma’s mountain again? That thought is just awful and really quite unbearable. Mum says in order for us to go to my mountain, she needs protecting against the Covid virus and I need to have my vaccinations regularly. Looked at like that, I am not getting as excited as she is about her vaccination.

She would have had a vaccination sooner, but has had to wait to book in for the one she won’t be allergic to. That seems a sensible precaution to me. Saturday it is then. Now, given that the furthest she has been from home in the last five months is one mile, to our lovely vet, it is going to be quite an expedition. I just hope she remembers the way to where she’s going after all this time.

Will life change?

I asked if that meant life was going to start changing around here. Apparently, there will be no change at all for the time being. I just have to be patient. Just maybe the end to being stuck at home is in sight. At least I hope it is. I miss my homeland.