K9 Connectables Part 1 – Saturday 27th February 2021

K9 Connectables Part 1

Today I’m going to bring you K9 Connectables Part 1. I have broken it into two parts as there would be too much to tell you otherwise. This is a whole canine entertainment system and not just a five minute toy. We will come back to tell you about the Kibble Connector in part 2, as that has some similarities to the other kibble dispensers we’ve shown you. We are going to show you the other intersecting parts today.

K9 Connectables

Any combination of K9 Connectables

You can buy any combination. One is called The Dentist and has ridges to help clean your teeth when you chew. One is called the original and is a cute round shape with pawprints on. Then there are the Yes Bone Pro, which is a long yellow piece you can attach some of the others to and the Tech Bone which is the longer blue one, that is more rubbery than the Yes Bone and you can also attach things to.


To start with the sort of things humans ask. Yes, they can go in the dishwasher and better still they can go in the freezer too (you dogs will be pleased about that in a minute). Your human can either put treats inside them for you to try to get out through the holes, or into the slots for you to get. Because I’m on a diet, Mum used my tea and pushed some pieces into the slots. This is the good bit, she also mixed some of my kibble with yoghurt and put it into the freezer so that I could have it to really chew on for a while. The bad bit was when she dropped yoghurt all over her mobile phone, but I’ll gloss over that bit.

Wilma with the K9 Connectables Starter Pack

How long did it last?

A few pieces of kibble kept me entertained for absolutely ages. By my standards, Mum said it was a miracle. I was still chewing and licking at it half an hour later. I started on it in the utility where I have my meals and in the end Mum took it up to the office because she was missing me. They are so satisfying. It feels good on your gums and is very robust.

There are different challenge levels, which are how far into the connector you push the add on pieces. It also says you can play fetch with it, but that might just be too much fun for one dog.

They aren’t cheap, especially if you buy some of all of them as Mum did for us, but they are worth every single penny.

Important ordering information if you are in the UK. Although the website says the company is in Ireland they do dispatch UK orders from within the UK, so there is no problem with import duties.

I’m a total convert and that’s even before the yoghurt and kibble one has come out of the freezer.

You can buy your own HERE

Love Wilma

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  1. What size did you get, Wilma? I got the large but the humans went back to order the kibble connector ball thing and can’t get that in large at the moment!

    • Because medium is for up to 26kg dogs, we got all medium as I’m not as heavy being a girl!. I know I need to lose a gramme or two but I’m still medium!
      Love Wilma

        • What is it with humans? It’s not as though mine is exactly her ideal weight! We should be able to make our own decisions.

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