Lovely Day Yesterday – Friday 16th April 2021

Lovely Day Yesterday

I had a lovely day yesterday. It was sunny which means we can all have some outdoor time. I don’t know whether the best bit was lunch with Dad and a cuddle or going for a walk later on. I was really enjoying myself until Mum made me go back on my lead. Apparently it is not ok to disturb nesting birds. Who knew? To be fair, she had told me I was only off lead if I completely behaved myself but it was one of those ‘call of the wild’ sorts of things. She’d already had words when I stuck my nose down a rabbit hole. When she told me off for the second rabbit hole I peed down it for good measure. She said that was mean, but I just shrugged.

Today’s plans

Today’s plans are not looking so good. Mum has to go to the dentist. She has been putting this off for as long as possible and has now got to the point where she either goes for treatment or asks me to pull the tooth out. Oh believe me, I’ve offered. There is only so much moaning from a human that a dog can put up with. She’s been very anxious about the whole thing, so it will be good to get it out of the way. As if that isn’t enough, Dad has to spend another day in the hospital, so I’m going to be in charge for part of the day. It’s weird, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be home alone. I don’t suppose it will be for long and I’ve promised to be good.

Big voices

I get told off for barking and do have a very loud voice. However, have you noticed how loud a noise the very tiniest of birds can make? Mum was listening to one yesterday. I only looked about one bite in side and wouldn’t have taken much chewing, but it was still really loud sitting there singing away. I thought that was reason enough to consider eating it, but Mum saw it differently.



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  1. Hope your Mum gets her tooth (teeth?)sorted out. I went a short time ago. All very Co-vid safe. One good thing – the hygenist couldn’t use her water jet thing on me so it was less stressful.

    • Thank you. She’s not great with it at the best of times but the whole covid thing scares her.

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