Not safe with a hammer – Thursday 8th July 2021

Not safe with a hammer

Mum is not safe with a hammer. To be fair, as soon as we see things like that coming out, we all run for cover. I was supervising on this occasion. The challenge was to get a bookcase apart in a store cupboard before trying to take it out. When Mum put it in there in one piece she nearly killed herself, so thought trying to get it out in one piece might not be safe. It turns out that getting it out in several pieces wasn’t all that safe either.

Tap it gently

‘Tap it gently,’ I said, as Mum wielded the hammer to remove the back of the shelf unit. Sadly, she went more for ‘give it an almighty thwack’ and put the hammer through the back. I’m sure it will still work very well as a shelf unit without the back. I tried to console her as quickly as possible as she was still wielding the hammer and I wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it next. She wasn’t having a good day. She’d already shrunk her dungarees, which hadn’t gone down well. They are still wearable, but not with socks and not if she wants any circulation in her legs.

Outdoor day

Today is another outdoor packing day as long as the weather stays all right. Mum has said we can help with everything in the summerhouse. I’m thinking, after yesterday’s episode, of keeping well out of the way. Although the cherries on the tree are ripe so there is quite an incentive to being outdoors. The thing is, I have to get to them before the birds. For that matter, I have to get there before Mum too. I do get in trouble when I start pulling off whole branches to get to them though. How else am I supposed to do it?