And then it rained – Saturday 23rd July 2022

And then it rained

It was dry all yesterday morning and well into the afternoon and then it rained. Mum had been working inside despite our nagging. We went on and on at her and eventually she said she’d do some gardening with Aristotle. He and I had spent quite a bit of the day in the orchard clearing up the apples and I’d been on border patrol in case anything exciting happened.

Ari got all the tools they needed out ready for Mum to work with him on some weeding and tidying up. She’d only been outside for about ten minutes when the rain started. I was all for carrying on, but you know what a wimp Ari is when it comes to rain. He just downed tools and left Mum to pack up after him.


Mum really wants to go to the seaside for a few days. I’ve put my paw up and said I’m happy to go. Shadow hates going in the car so she has said could she stay at home. Now, there’s the problem. Obviously she can’t stay at home. Ari will just do whatever Mum says. He’s that kind of dog. I do hope she can sort something out so we can go. I want to play on the beach and eat ice cream.

We could all go for a day trip if Shadow could cope with a day out. One of the problems with that is that in the UK you can’t live much further from the sea than we do here. In that regard moving here might be regarded as bad planning. Maybe we could find some sand to play in for the garden, although Mum says she wants to hear seagulls. I suppose I could try to ask Alexa to play the sound of seagulls for her.



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