Charity Dog Show – Wednesday 21st July 2021

Charity Dog Show

There is a charity dog show that I want to tell you about. There are some really great prizes and entry is online. It’s part of Paawstival 2021 and you can all take part. You need to get your human to submit your photo for one of the categories, together with a paragraph or two on why you should win. Let’s be honest here, if your human can’t think of a thousand reasons why you are the best dog for your category then they just don’t deserve to be your human. The top prize is £10,000. Yes, you read that right. Just imagine how many dog treats that would buy! There are runners up prizes of £500 in each of the other categories.

Which charities?

There are three charities who are going to benefit. Streetvet, who we’ve told you about before, The Wild at Heart Foundation and Mudchute. Streetvet mainly help the pets of people who are homeless. They work on the basis that every animal should receive good care even if their owner is not in a position to pay for it, which is great. The Wild at Heart Foundation helps rescue dogs in different countries as well as helping with sterilisation of stray dogs to reduce the homeless dog situation. The Mudchute is a community based charity in East London.

The categories

There are seven categories you can enter. Entry is online, so it’s very easy to do. The categories are:

Happiest Hound
Scruffiest Mutt
Best Dressed Dawg
Golden Oldie
Remarkable Rescue
Lockdown Legend

You need to enter by the 31st July, so don’t waste time – do it now. The finalists will be invited to an event in London where the winning dog will be announced.

Good luck to those of you who enter. Do let us know how you get on.