Happy Birthday to me – Sunday 25th July 2021

Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me. I’m six today. I’m trying to paint a brave face on things and enjoy playing with my doggy friends, but days like today I miss Mum more. She has sent me a birthday message, so at least she’s remembered. She says she’s finding it hard without me too. She did have some good news for us and there is some sort of timescale starting to shape up for our move, so we don’t have to feel this is going to be for too long.

Singing to me

Shadow sang happy birthday to me long before I was ready to get up. She sings most mornings if I’m honest, so it just gave her an excuse today. Ari didn’t join in. He said he’d sing later but only if I’d get him an extra biscuit. Like that’s going to happen! On my birthday I’d rather have a biscuit than Aristotle’s singing.

Happy birthday to my brothers and sisters too. I hope you’re all having a great day. I wish I could come and see you all, but maybe next year. I miss Mama Susie too.

Mum is resting

Mum says she’s mainly resting at the moment. Her glandular fever is bad again and she can’t do much. At least she’s staying somewhere nice that it doesn’t matter if she just stays in. She overdid it rather with the packing up of the house, so it’s not that surprising. I kept telling her we should leave it all and go for a walk instead, but she wouldn’t listen. She can be so stubborn on things like that. I do tell her to be more like us. To be honest, being more like Aristotle might be the best answer. He really knows how to put his paws up.