We are Excited – Wednesday 4th August 2021

We are excited

Well we are excited as Mum is coming to see us today. I’m sure she’ll remember to take some photos for you, once she can get out from under a pile of dogs. I spoke to her last night and she’s confirmed that she’s packed the dog biscuits. You just know she’s going to need them as bribery to get some sort of order out of the three of us. We are bound to be vying for her attention and jumping all over each other in the process. She has said she wants a little bit of time to talk to each of us on our own – like that’s going to happen! She’s mine all mine and I don’t think the others should get a look in. I know that is selfish, but I’ve missed her.

Shadow is twelve and a half

I’m in Shadow’s bad books. She asked if I had told you she was celebrating her twelve and a halfth birthday on Monday. I didn’t. Clearly she’s reached that age when it isn’t just the full years which count anymore. When you are a puppy you count every small milestone as it seems so important. When you are an adult you stick to the full years. Then when you get old you go back to the whole childhood thing. I guess it is quite a big deal. With Alfie living to the age he did it’s so easy to forget how well Shadow is doing. Anyway, happy half a birthday to Shadow and her brother Rocky for last Monday. We do wish you many more half and full birthdays to come.

Point of concern

There is one current point of concern. Mum has mentioned that there is a really ‘cute’ cat where she’s staying. That is not something any dog wants to hear from their human. It’s only one step away from finding your position by the fireside has been usurped. I’m seeking assurances that this will not be the case. I may just be feeling a little insecure.



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