Always the same – Saturday 12th February 2022

Always the same

Mum is funny and is always the same. She knows the car park at the airport is expensive if she is there for very long. She works out when she needs to leave so that she can go in, pick Dad up and get out before that happens. Then she gets too excited. She says she doesn’t want him to have to stand around waiting in the cold, but she’s not kidding any of us. It gets to about half an hour before she really needs to leave and all of a sudden she springs into action as though everything is urgent. Then she’s out of the door before she’s had the opportunity to think through the fact that she’s done it again.

Different ways to show excitement

We all have our different ways to show excitement. Mum does it by being early and not making Dad wait. We do it by jumping up and down and bouncing all over him. In immediate money terms ours is the cheaper option, but to be fair to Mum, her method leaves him less traumatised.

Shadow bless her even struggled her way upstairs to be with Dad. I don’t think she will be able to do that many times a day but it was a lovely gesture. I offered to go behind her and give her a bit of a push, but she wanted to do it her way.

Looking forward to today

Now I’m really looking forward to today with us all home together. I’m sure it can’t rain all day and that Dad will come outside with us at some point. I shall be very glad when the risk from Covid has gone and humans can start acting a little more normally. Mum is trying to find ways to make it easier, but there’s only so far she can go.




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