Finding her voice – Wednesday 18th August 2021

Finding her voice

After a very quiet week, Shadow is finding her voice. She is now feeling more confident and at home and has decided it is her right to defend where Mum is staying to all comers. Thankfully the people who own it like dogs and aren’t put off when Shadow roos at them. The lady even coped when she was fussing Shadow in a brief moment of quiet and, out of nowhere, Shadow woofed in her face. She had a good bark at both our maternal grandparents too. They’ve known her long enough not to be daunted, which is a good job. Mum is trying to use hand signals and disapproving looks to explain to Shadow that this behaviour is not acceptable. It turns out that one advantage for Shadow of being deaf is that she can pretend not to understand!

Strong willed

Shadow’s determination and strong will is also reasserting itself. She is quite adamant that she doesn’t want to go in the car. She has refused point blank to walk up the ramp. Mum however has lived with our breed for a long time. She knows what we’re like and is quite adept and taking no notice of our tantrums. Shadow doesn’t want to go into the field where they’re staying either now. As she hasn’t proposed a credible alternative, that request is also being ignored by Mum. And there was me worrying that Mum would want to keep Shadow with her the entire time and wouldn’t swap over to take me with her next week. I don’t think I need to worry.

Ari is sad

Ari, when he realised today was Wednesday, asked if Mum was coming to see us today. She’s been the last two Wednesdays. I told him we had to wait until next week and he was quite sad about that. He’s missing her more than she thought he would. He says he’d really like to go home now. I’m trying to cheer him up.



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