Another place we love – Thursday 7th March 2019

Another place we love

Me at Bradgate Park

Yesterday we went to another place we love. Mum has been going there every so often for the whole of her life and that’s an awfully long time. She took me at the first chance she got and we’ve been once or twice since. It may not be my mountain, which of course will always be my very favourite, but Bradgate Park comes pretty close. It was quite a gloomy day, but that didn’t stop us enjoying it. There are some really old oak trees that Mum used to hide in the trunks of when she was little. Yesterday she said that it was surprising they didn’t fall down, then as we walked along a big piece fell off one in front of us, so I think they were listening.

Benches, stumps and rocks

There are plenty of benches stumps and rocks for photo opportunities, so once we’d had a really brisk walk for a couple of miles Mum and I had some fun taking pictures. I saw lots of dogs to say hello to, but there wasn’t much chance to stop and play as I had to stay on the lead. The reason for that was very obvious and very disappointing. There is so much wildlife there. We say some amazing peacocks, that I would have liked to get to know better. Then there were the deer. The deer were everywhere. There were so many of them. It was amazing. Then a whole load of them ran across the path in front of us and I wanted to go and round them up, which did rather prove the point of why I was on the lead.

Book Groups

I did have to be good in the afternoon as a book group in Tennessee, USA had a video call with Mum. I waved to them, but other than that had to sit quietly while they were talking about one of Mum’s books. It was really strange. I don’t normally get to be part of things like that.


Now my things are packed up ready and we’ve got an early start to go to Crufts. I am due to be on the Discover Dogs stand this morning so do come and say hello if you’re there. I just can’t wait.



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  1. Just a note to say GOOD LUCK to all my fiends that are going to Crufts and going in the ring. Sorry I cannot come this year. Hope you all have a lovely time. See you again soon. Lots of love Dickens XXXXXXX

    • Thanks Dickens. What a shame you won’t be here. Hope your Mum is improving and see you soon I hope

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