Everdon Stubbs – Friday 27th August 2021

Everdon Stubbs

Yesterday I went for a lovely woodland walk at Everdon Stubbs. I don’t think I’ve seen Mum grin so much in a very long time. She loves woodlands as much as I do, but it is the first woodland walk we’ve been on since before she broke her ankle – 21 months ago! The woodland is owned by the Woodland Trust and doesn’t have any facilities except a small parking area and a few benches to sit on as you go around. There are some boards with a little information about the woods and some markers telling you what type of trees they are. It is great for us as it is only about a mile from where we’re staying.

Why is it special?

If you love old oak trees and other native deciduous species then you will love it. The most important thing to take with you is a good sense of direction. The routes are clear but not really signposted. Mum decided we’d largely stick to the perimeter paths so we didn’t get lost and even then she did have a slight wobble as to whether we were on the right path to get back to the car.

I found a wonderful den made of branches and would have been quite happy for us to have to stay there for a while.

Just you and nature

It wasn’t a busy place, which made it totally perfect. We saw another couple of cars arrive, but they must have gone for a walk the other side of the woods. Other than that we met one dog and owner as we went around. It is a great opportunity to be just you and the nature around. I obviously wanted to try the muddy spots, but Mum wouldn’t let me.

We loved it. In fact, Mum has said we can go back today if there’s time.



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