Go go go – Wednesday 8th September 2021

Go go go

It’s going to be go go go from now on for a while. At last our house purchase is sorted and going ahead. I’m delighted that it’s the house I went to visit with Mum and just can’t wait to move in and enjoy the garden. We have sheep for neighbours, how cool is that? Mum says I’m allowed to say hello to them through the fence but nothing more. I quite fancied my paw as a sheepdog, so it’s a shame. She’s even going to make the fences higher in case I take matters into my own paws.

Oh there’s so much to tell you, but Mum has said I have to wait for most of it until we move in and I can show you some pictures. The garden is so much bigger than our old one. Ari is going to be able to help grow lots of vegetables in this one.

Apple trees

The thing that Dad is most excited about is the apple trees. There are some wonderful old apple trees that will be the start of his cider making attempts. Mum will focus on herbs, vegetables and roses and Dad will focus on cider. If he tries too much he may not be able to focus, but that’s another matter.

Anyway, although I’m going back to kennels today, I shall be back with Mum in time for us to move in. I’m going to help. Isn’t that exciting? Shadow and Ari will stay in kennels while the removals men bring all our things back, but Mum has said I can be there to supervise. At least, I think that’s what she said. They may not have been her exact words.

Right I’d better brace myself for sharing a kennel with Aristotle for a week. I hope he’s pleased to see me.