Not my eyelid – Saturday 18th September 2021

Loggie or Stumpie?

Not my eyelid

Well, as it turns out, it’s not my eyelid. It’s my eye. More to the point, it’s my eyes. I’ve got conjunctivitis. The good news is that Mum spotted it early and it shouldn’t take long for me to start feeling better. It did mean a trip to our new vet. Oh, you can imagine how anxious we were feeling. We loved our old vets so much that any change was going to be difficult. Add that to the fact that as a breed we can be very wary of strangers and there was a lot which could have gone wrong.

Worrying for no reason

As it turned out we were worrying for no reason. Mum put the address in the sat-nav on her phone. We can’t trust the one in the car. It has a tendency to produce a tour of the British Isles when you only want to go two miles. Using the phone we found it easily and it was out of town with a good car park that had lots of space. Mum is very wary of being around people due to covid but it was all very easy and she felt as safe as was possible.

Nice vet

The vet was lovely. She and I got on really well and I didn’t bark at her once. We got to know each other a little first and she told me everything she was going to do before she did it, so it didn’t come as a surprise. She was very thorough, and, given some of it was fairly unpleasant, we were still on speaking terms at the end of the process. I’m not saying I’m in any hurry to go back, but I have at least got over the first hurdle – which was important. Now I just need to cooperate with Mum to have my eye drops put in for the next week.