Tiresome – Wednesday 27th October 2021

Off centre stumpie


Aristotle is being really tiresome. He’s still got this whole ‘top dog’ idea going. He is loud an brash and really not very nice about it. Gone is the gentle bear that Mum so loves to cuddle. I know it’s not really his fault that he feels the need to do these things, but just at the moment we’ve all had enough of it. I know being top dog is my position by right and I’m not going to get into any skirmishes with Aristotle to prove a point. On the whole I prefer to stay out of the way until he remembers his place. He, on the other paw, doesn’t work that way. Mum says that reluctantly she might have to concede that he can’t sleep in the bedroom with us. Oddly, it is that above all else that seems to have confused him.

Indoor day

Today is an indoor kind of day. There are men in the garden sorting out a problem with the drains and it means that all the gates are open. To stop us jumping all over the men and into the drains, we’re having to go out on our leads in a controlled fashion. I can see Mum’s point, but that really is far less fun. On the bright side, it will at least be one job ticked off the list. We’re waiting for her to get around to the gates on the drive. Once they’re done then we can play in the front garden as well as the back. She is working on it, but not fast enough for our liking.

Of course, you know what a dog does on a rainy day when they’re couped up indoors, don’t you? We cause trouble. There are three of us, so I’m guessing that’s going to be quite a lot of trouble.