Shadow is finding life hard – Friday 5th November 2021

Shadow is finding life hard

Shadow is finding life hard. She sat down with Mum yesterday and had a bit of a heart to heart. A day out in the car was just all too much for her on Wednesday and she’s asked really nicely if Mum could find alternative arrangements for her in future. Mum says she will give it some thought and might look into using a pet sitter who can come in to Shadow instead. The problem with that is that we are not great at being home without Mum either. It’s a bit of a no win. Anyway, Shadow yesterday just wanted to be really close to Mum. She even squeezed her way under the desk to sit in the dark space there, but then Mum couldn’t sit comfortably, so she had to ask Shadow to come out.

Feeling stressed

Part of it is that she’s missing Dad, but Shadow says she is feeling stressed and overwhelmed and it’s taking it out of her. Mum said she should explain all that to the vet when she goes for her check up this morning. It is going to mean Shadow has to go in the car, which isn’t going to go down well, but at least it won’t be for too long. They are going to visit a kennels that we might try too. Mum has some questions for them before she will consider us staying there. If I’m being honest, I can’t see Shadow being happy about that either.

At least this afternoon should be fun. Mum has promised that we can all spend some time outside in the garden together. Mum has some things to do in the greenhouse so at least Shadow can stay close to her and be nice and warm while Ari and I eat apples.