Kicking our apples – Thursday 18th November 2021

Kicking our apples

It is not acceptable for Mum to be kicking our apples out of her way. I had to have stern words with her yesterday. There she was mowing the grass where Aristotle and I were trying to enjoy a quiet apple or three. Then because I wouldn’t move she kicked my apple – actually kicked it. I was horrified. How does she expect it to taste after that? Oh I know it’s already fallen off the tree, but the grass gives it a soft landing and it’s not usually too bruised or rotten if I don’t leave them too long. Let’s be honest, I still eat them if they are. It was just Mum’s wanton act of kicking the apple I was trying to eat was upsetting. I’ve told her I don’t expect it to happen again.


It seems to be a time of waiting. We are still waiting for the internet to be fixed, which is why Mum was outside cutting the grass. Grandpa is still waiting for his operation. We had lots of time doing things outside in lovely autumn sunshine to help take our minds off things. Shadow said it was a bit chilly for her, so she went inside and watched from the window. Aristotle helped Mum organise all the seeds into the order they need to be planted in next year. The first sowing will be in January, which isn’t all that long away. They are going to try growing some new crops next year, which is always exciting.

Today’s plan

If we’re lucky Mum will spend some more time gardening today. I think she’s hoping to do some more of the grass. as long as she’s learnt her lesson from yesterday. I wouldn’t like something like that to happen twice. The supply of apples is becoming more limited I really don’t want to see them wasted.