Existential Dogs – Friday 19th November 2021

Existential Dogs

I’ve been asked to review a book called Existential Dogs. I’m being honest with you here, I had to look up the meaning of existential. Apparently, it’s something which relates to existence. Aristotle is the philosopher around here, so I went to ask him what he thought. He tried to explain it to me and said, ‘If Pavlov’s dog had been in a box, how would we know that he would perform the same action for the thought of a reward?’ He’d lost me long before the end of that sentence. I left him to it at the point he was talking about paws clapping and trees being peed on when no one was there.

Wilma finding a quiet corner to read Existential Dogs

Stocking Filler

I went off to find myself a quiet corner to read Existential Dogs and I have to say that some of the questions left me thinking. One of my favourites is ‘Is it better to have eaten something and thrown it up, and then eaten it again, than never to have eaten it at all?’ And now the whole question of ‘Who is a good girl?’ is going to be playing in my mind all day. I don’t expect for a minute I’m going to find an answer.

Fun read

It’s a fun little book and if you know any dog lovers who need a little brightening up, it would be a great gift for them for Christmas. Don’t tell him, but now I’ve read mine I might wrap it up and give it to Dad. I don’t think there are too many paw prints on it, but then as I haven’t yet found out ‘Who’s a good girl?’ it won’t really matter if there are.

Existential Dogs is published by Harper Collins Publishers ISBN 978-0-00-849403-2 You can find it HERE