Office Beds – Thursday 9th December 2021

Office Beds

At last we have office beds. It has taken until this week for Mum to properly be able to see the floor of the office and as a result be prepared to put some beds down for all of us to sit comfortably. She did put three on the floor and if I’m being honest I stretched out and hogged two. She told me that isn’t going to be acceptable. Both Ari and Shadow tend to prefer the floor anyway, so I can’t see what the problem is. It’s funny, just putting the beds out did help us all to settle down a little.

Shadow’s hip

It had been a very bad start to the day yesterday. Shadow’s hip gave way with the pain when she got up first thing in the morning. The first Mum knew was just after the alarm went off as there was a thump as Shadow hit the floor. Poor Shadow then lost control of her bladder so a very large puddle followed. Mum was very patient with Shadow and calmed her until she was comfortable and then helped her up. She was walking a bit gingerly for a while but she’s fine. She said she might have slept funnily on it. It’s a good job we own a carpet cleaner. Mind you, she did end up going on the mat which can go in the washing machine, so that helps.


Depending on the weather Mum says we might try to tackle some of the fencing today. The posts she ordered arrived. Now the challenge is to see if she can hammer them into the ground to attach the wire to them. At least now the trellis is secure I can be outside with her supervising activities. Mum says we’re only doing it today if the wind has dropped and it doesn’t rain. To be honest, after the last couple of days, I can see her point.



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