Soup not stew – Friday 24th December 2021

Soup not stew

We have turkey soup not stew and it’s divine. I said to Mum that if I ever lose my teeth that’s what I’d like her to make for me to eat. From the look she gave me I don’t think she’s planning to oblige. Mind you, I’m not planning to lose my teeth so I guess we’re even. When it comes to teeth we do pretty well really as they generally seem to last long enough. It’s probably a good job as I can’t see any of us sitting still long enough in the dentist’s chair.

Lousy weather

I don’t know how it is where you are, but here the weather is really not Christmassy at all. It is misty and damp and grey. Oh so many words I could use to tell you that it really isn’t the fun play outside weather I was hoping for. I don’t know what the plans are going to be, but as you can imagine the three of us aren’t so keen on board games or charades. We’re more action dogs than sitting around dogs. Ok, I’m more of an action dog. Ari is more a lazy around like a floor rug sort of dog and Shadow has reached the point where she goes to sleep and doesn’t know we’ve all left the room. In fact we play hide and seek with Shadow on a daily basis as she wanders around the house trying to find where we’ve gone.

Plan for the next couple of days

Mum said her main plan is to stay in bed. We’re not expecting any deliveries or visitors. We’re not going out anywhere other than the garden. In reality she might get back to the decorating, but that’s about as exciting as it’s going to get. Mum has actually said she’s going to make us listen to Christmas carols for the day but we can probably howl along to some of those.

She has reminded me that I need to do some work today to think about my Christmas message to all of you. That was something Alfie was always so good at, but I’ll give it a go.