My apologies – Sunday 2nd January 2022

My apologies

Mum says I have to give you my apologies. It just about sums up the sort of dog I am. I’m a bit of a whirlwind – in the best possible way of course, although Mum says that is debateable at times. In my haste and, not so much to willingly share my resolutions as to do so under duress, I actually forgot to wish you all a very happy new year. I’m sorry. Happy new year, everyone.  Now back to being a whirlwind.

Shadow is very happy

We’re all excited to see Dad of course, but Shadow is walking taller around the house. She is just thrilled to have her human back in the house. Despite the fact she struggles with stairs she’s been up to see him several times. She can’t wait for him to be out of quarantine and back with the rest of the family.

I took Dad all around the back garden and showed him all the places that Mum is trying to improve the fencing before I do anything stupid – not that I would. Yeah, right! Dad is going to help Mum doing some of the work as long as the weather is fine.

White ear

I didn’t realise I’d been quite so close to the wet paint until Mum said, ‘Wilma, why have you got a white ear?’ ‘Where?’ I asked, trying to look at my own ear. I should just tell you before you try, it really is very difficult to do. Even Ari, whose ears are a bit longer than mine, can’t do it. Anyway, Mum took me to the mirror and sure enough I have a white side to my ear. Now Mum just wants to find the paintwork that has got some of my hairs embedded in it so we have a match!