Rotten Apples – Monday 3rd January 2022

Rotten apples

Oh the crime of it – there were rotten apples in the shed. Dad had left some apples that he hadn’t sorted when he went back to Switzerland last time. While he was away they went rotten. You cannot believe the distress this has caused. I don’t mean to Dad – obviously he was fed up having to sort them out now. The real problem was the emotional distress caused to me and Aristotle. We could have eaten those apples. We could have munched our way through every last one of them. I did briefly consider suggesting I could even eat them now, but quite honestly they had gone too far. Ari might have considered them, but I have my standards. I simply stood there hanging my head as Dad wheeled them out to the recycling bin.

Official quarantine

Dad’s official quarantine should end today. He went for his day two PCR test yesterday and as long as that comes back negative he’s allowed to leave the building. Mum on the other hand says two days is not long enough and is still quarantining him in the house for a while longer. She can be mean like that. Oh, I know it’s not really mean, but it would be so much more fun if we could all start doing normal things. Shadow is particularly anxious to have Dad downstairs. She’s been up to see him too much and her legs are really paying for it. Her hips don’t work all that well now, so she sort of bunny hops up the stairs. Thankfully the stairs aren’t too steep so she can just about manage.


Shadow and I are both being given kelp powder by Mum. I don’t understand the science of it, but Mum says that she’s always noticed that the times any of us start to eat grass it’s because of a nutrient deficiency. She’s not really sure which nutrient but she’s asked if I will try the idea. It’s working. For Shadow it’s about her coat. She’s losing it liberally again and the kelp powder helps with that too. Ari asked to lick the plate. He doesn’t actually need it right now, but he does hate to be left out.