Exciting Day – Friday 21st January 2022

Exciting Day

Yesterday was an unexpectedly exciting day. Shadow was feeling a little brighter which was a good start. The exciting bit was that the sheep moved in to the field above the orchard. We now have a field of mainly white sheep in the field behind us and of completely brown sheep in the field to the side. We are surrounded. I really thought all my Bonios had come at once when Mum spent time sorting out the greenhouse in the afternoon. I was able to run from one field boundary to the other to keep checking the sheep were all right. Then I did a full mad circuit of the garden, checked on Mum as I passed the greenhouse and then went to check the sheep again. This is what sunny days are made for. It was perfect.


Mum says if the weather stays nice she really does need to get on with digging the herb gardens. That’s fine by me too, although I’ll probably get into trouble if I help. It may be a while before there’s very much to see as Mum wants to grow quite a lot from seed. That’s where the greenhouse comes in. The biggest problem is going to be how Mum gets me to remember not to nibble on the plants once they’re in the ground. Some of them smell and taste so nice. She’s said if I nibble the mint my breath will smell nice, but I think our views may differ on what’s nice for that one.

Still decorating

Because Mum is only doing a little bit of decorating each day, it’s taking her an awful long time to do a room. I’m fed up with getting yellow on my coat. It’s time to move on to another colour. Mum says that will be soon, but I think I’ve got another few days of yellow first.