Strange dog – Tuesday 21st February 2023

Strange dog

Aristotle is a strange dog, but I think you knew that. He has persuaded Mum to order a lightweight shovel to make it easier for her to help him with his compost moving. He won’t be able to manage the shovel, but he thought it would mean Mum could move more compost without hurting her back. I thought that was very considerate of him!

In the meantime, while they are waiting for it to arrive, he has sorted all the spare seeds out from last year and is now trying to get all the ones that can be planted in February in seed trays in the greenhouse. The problem is that he’s found 23 packets of seeds to plant, so it may take some time. He may also need a much bigger greenhouse.

Sunny walk

Mum and I went out for a lovely sunny walk while Ari was sorting the seeds. We went round the racecourse, but I was in a herding mood, which Mum always finds annoying. I did point out to Mum that the vet said I could start to be off lead around other dogs now, but she said looking at my leg she wanted it to have a few more days. She really can be over-protective of us.

Ari is off swimming this morning and then has his vet visit this afternoon. Mum said that if I go with them when they go to the vet we can go for my walk on the way back. I suppose that’s not too much to ask. It might depend what the vet says to Aristotle though. If he’s upset he might not want to sit in the car on his own. We will have to wait to see what happens. If we took him home first he could cheer himself up by planting some of the seeds while we go for a walk.



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