Not Just the Rabbits – Wednesday 12th January 2022

Not just the rabbits

The problem in the garden is the rabbits but it’s not just the rabbits. Not, that is, unless we have giant rabbits. Oh the trees at the back we can put down the Bugs and co turning out with their powerful front teeth. However, Mum doesn’t think they have dug up the front garden. If we had access to the front garden there would be a very good chance that we would be getting the blame – but we don’t. It was not us. In fact none of the current damage is down to us. It isn’t often that I can say something like that, but it’s true. Mum has got the deer down as being the culprits in the front garden. Although they may be being wrongly accused. It could just as easily be heffalumps.

Meanwhile in the garden

Meanwhile in the back garden a site needs to be found for a water rat, a mole, a badger and a toad. This time they are all sculptures and won’t be doing any harm – as far as we know. Mum fell in love with some statues of the characters from Wind in the Willows. I haven’t read the book, but Mum has promised to read it to me to help me understand. At the moment the packages containing the sculptures are in quarantine in our hall, but as soon as they are unpacked and in position I will take a photograph of them for you.

It seems ironic when wildlife is busy digging up and eating the garden to buy sculptures of wildlife to go in the garden, but once again I don’t understand humans. That’s before we even think about the hedgehog house that Mum and Dad received as a Christmas present! I’m sure it will fit in somewhere away from prying dogs.




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