Murder in the garden – Friday 18th March 2022

Murder in the garden

Yesterday there was murder in the garden. It’s not what you think. I should probably say it was a murder in the garden – of crows. We are used to our bird feeders having lots of small birds on them. Here we seem to have attracted a murder of crows and the odd magpie. We do have small birds, but they seem to be sticking to the bushes and hedges. They only going onto the feeders when it’s definitely safe to do so. Of course, we’ve got a squirrel on the bird feeders too and Mum says it really is time for her to retrain the squirrel to use his own feeders which have more suitable food in them.

One problem has been that Mum hasn’t really worked out a system of where to store all their food. She says it will be easier once the extension has been done, but for the time being we don’t have a system and Mum needs systems if she’s going to do things regularly.

Too peopley

Mum has been trying to be brave and do some of the jobs that she hasn’t been able to face due to Covid. Having shut herself away for so long she’s finding the world is all too peopley and she’s had enough already. It’s not as though she has done all that much, which just goes to show how much rehabilitation she’s going to need. I keep offering to go with her, but she says it’s not the sorts of things I can do. At least I’ve tried.

Solar lights

You will be pleased to know that the solar lights are no longer acting as search lights pointed at the bedroom window. Putting them there to get the sun was a bit of a mistake on Mum’s part. When it came to going to bed the room was very well lit and it was raining too much for Mum to want to go out to move them. Anyway, they aren’t there now. Once we’d found they worked ok, Mum started to move them around the garden. They may move a few times until she’s happy, but they won’t come back to outside the bedroom.



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