In Memory of Dickens – Wednesday 30th March 2022

In Memory of Dickens

I’m writing today in memory of our dear dear friend and family member Dickens. We received the very sad news yesterday that he died recently from cancer. He was one of Shadow’s second litter, born in November 2012 and was a very find and handsome dog. He had such a lovely personality. Mum says he was a real gentleman even as a puppy. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his wonderful humans. They gave him the best life he could have had while he was alive. I think Alfie will have been waiting for him the other side of the rainbow bridge to show him the ropes when he arrived.

First Entlebucher to be placed at Crufts

One of Dickens’ greatest achievements was to be the first Entlebucher to be placed in an Import Working Breed Class at Crufts. Mum says she cried when he did that. He led the way where his brother Basil and others have since followed.

None of our breed seem to be the greatest fans of obedience, but Dickens worked hard with his human and passed all of his bronze, silver and gold awards in the Kennel Club Good Citizen scheme.

Other interests

Dickens had a number of hobbies including Flyball. Like me, he wasn’t a natural ball retriever but with time and patience he got the hang of it. He also enjoyed scentwork and mantrailing.

Most of all he was a loving family dog and was happy to go out an about with his family, both walking and in the car. Thankfully he was able to enjoy most things until very recently – including a good bark, which we all enjoy.

Dickens was a longstanding reader and contributor to our diary’s comments and we will miss his regular input very much indeed.

Please dear readers whether it is your bowl of water, or your breakfast coffee – raise it with me to drink a toast to a wonderful dog who will be missed very much indeed. To Dickens.




  1. Such sad and painful news, our thoughts are with Dickens’ family at what we know is an incredibly hard time.

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