This is the life – Saturday 16th April 2022

This is the life

This is the life. Hi, everyone, it’s Aristotle here. Wilma said she’ll be too busy with her friend coming to visit so I could do the diary today.

As many of you know, I’ve had elbow dysplasia since was about four months old. We think it was caused when my birth mum, Shadow, slam dunked me across the paving. She didn’t want me to live with Mum and was trying to make sure I knew my place. Anyway, I don’t bear that much of a grudge. I’ve not really complained much over the years. Mum has worked hard with me to manage any discomfort. I’ve got a wobble cushion that I used when I was young to build up muscle and I’ve always worked very hard to keep my back legs in shape. Until I tore my cruciate ligament I could walk on my back two legs very well indeed.


Swimming really helped and I’m pleased that Mum is sorting for me to go back to hydrotherapy as, with getting older, I need it all the more. It was a bad move to injure my back legs and it does mean now that some days all my legs hurt at once, which I can tell you is no fun.

When I’ve gone for walks away from home, Mum has always taken me in the car to places that I can walk on grass. To be honest though, I often found going out a bit of a chore as my legs could hurt quite soon and I’d want to go home.

My garden

It all goes to mean that I appreciate the garden even more than the others do, which is how I became a bit of a gardening sort of a dog. With our new garden, I really am living my best life and I love it. There are some paths, but mostly it is soft under paw and there are sunny patches and shady patches to rest in and so many interesting things to smell.

FYI the fox seems to have an upset stomach. Mum thinks it’s only from the rotten apples, but she’s being very firm that we can’t eat the poo. She’s clearing up and washing the patches she finds just in case he’s got a bug.

Anyway, the garden is changing every day at the moment, so I thought I’d show you a few photos of my favourite parts.

Have a great weekend

All my love



  1. Hi Ari, how lovely to hear all you news. It is great that you love your new garden. It looks brilliant from the photos and your planters are just right for keeping an eye on how the seeds and plants are growing. Hope Wilma enjoys seeing her friend today. It is going to be hot so drink plenty and find a shady place. Lots of love Sheila and Mark XX

    • How lovely to hear from you. Yes I’ll keep in the shade. I’ll make Mum wear a hat too.
      Lots of love

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