Broken Bowl – Sunday 24th April 2022

Broken bowl

Ari has a broken bowl. He’s very upset. Mum’s very upset. I’m in trouble. I didn’t mean to do it. Mum says I never mean to do bad things, but apparently that’s not the point. I just get carried away and throw myself into things and well, sometimes it goes wrong. Ari and I both race through our meals and then go to see if we can steal food from the other one. Neither of us is allowed to take any of Shadow’s food. Mum gives Shadow a head start just to be on the safe side. I have a slow eating bowl, so Mum usually works on giving Ari his food in the kitchen and only then coming back to give me mine in the utility.

I was hungry

I’ve been on a diet for ages and I’m doing lots of exercise so I was hungry. I finished first so I leapt over Shadow – she tends to get in the way and I get in trouble if I knock her over. Then I ran to the kitchen and tried to take over Ari’s bowl as there were still a few pieces in it. Sadly, in the process I slammed it against the wall. Fortunately, the wall is ok and I did miss the French windows that are next to it. However, the bowl did not survive. Ari got ever so upset with me. When Mum came in to see what was going on, there we were, just looking at the broken bowl. I’d have cleared it out of the way if there had been time before she came in.

The Dogfather

Ari has had his ‘Dogfather’ bowl almost all his life. He liked it. I’ve got to use my pocket money to replace it. At the moment he’s using quite a small bowl that is for when we have puppies in the house. On the bright side it looks as though he’s getting more to eat as his bowl is very full. Mum has pointed out that it is not as robust as the one I broke so I’ve got to be more careful. I’m bound to get this wrong. I can see it now.