Summer Solstice – Tuesday 21st June 2022

Summer solstice

Today is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is a definitely a day for you humans to be more dog. What I mean is, live in the moment and enjoy it. Don’t start thinking that the days will all get shorter again from here until you reach midwinter. The fact is that today will be light for a good long time and you can have a lovely day of daylight. You don’t need to have got up at first light or stay up until very last thing to enjoy it. Simply enjoy the parts that you want to enjoy.

Favourite tree

It’s forecast to be warm here, so I shall spend much of the day sitting under my favourite tree in the garden. I’m not sure why that particular one is my favourite, but it is. It’s the one I had my photograph taken sitting under when we first viewed the house. I liked it then and I still like it now. It’s shady, and cool and I get a great view of most of the back garden as well as being able to see out to the road if I want to.

Ari says he’s happier indoors if he needs shade. His problem is that he doesn’t like to let Mum out of his sight, whereas if I can hear her when she calls that’s all I need.

Early start

Mum is quite glad it’s light early at the moment as we have a delivery that could arrive anytime from 7am. She says it’s bad enough having to get up earlier than normal but doesn’t seem quite so bad when the sun is already shining. It’s a new garden table and chairs so I suspect if it does come early she will be having breakfast outside to try it out. That suits me rather well.



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