Ballaholic – Friday 15th July 2022


Salvo is a ballaholic. Not tennis balls. I didn’t find what he was like with those, but he was so obsessed with my Boomer Ball that when it was taken away from him he tried using the solar lights instead. He was so funny. I’ve never got the hang of playing football as he was doing and I’m now wondering if I’ve been missing out.

After the Boomer ball was taken away

It’s funny seeing the ways we are similar. He’s my half brother and he is the only other Entlebucher I know who sticks his whole nose in the water when he’s drinking. It was funny with the paddling pool, Salvo likes getting in to drink and I have to say having tried it I found that very much to my liking.

Me trying the pool

Showing them around

I showed both Salvo and Izzy all around the garden, especially my favourite spots. We even sneaked off to the orchard to see if there were any apples around but Dad had done a good job of clearing up so we didn’t find many. Salvo has some allergies, including grass. He forgot his t-shirt so Mum found one to lend him. He felt much better wearing it. It must be so hard to get itchy when you lie on grass. I love lying out there.

Me with Izzy and Salvo

Shadow and Ari

Shadow and Ari came out to say hello, but they spent the rest of the time indoors. It’s very hard on them both, but they can’t run around like they used to. If they do then the following day they just can’t walk, which isn’t much fun at all. I felt quite sad for both of them. Salvo and Izzy invited us all to go and see them at some point which would be huge fun. Shadow doesn’t seem so keen, but she doesn’t like going in the car anymore. I shall just have to go without her.



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