Delivery Day – Thursday 4th August 2022

Delivery day

Today is delivery day for my new car crate. I can’t wait to try it. Mum has pointed out that the car it is going in won’t be here until Wednesday next week, but I can imagine. I thought I might get in and imagine I’m on my way to Switzerland and see how it feels.

On that score, I’m trying to get Mum to plan a trip in for us. We both feel we need to get away. The problem is that Mum says she really isn’t happy to think of putting Shadow in kennels. I can see her point. My worry is that even if Shadow’s health stabilises again Mum won’t really want to leave her.

Hearing Person

To be fair, Mum is rather Shadow’s ‘hearing person’. You know how humans can have guide dogs if they are blind or hearing dogs if they are deaf? Well we’ve sort of reversed the situation in this house and Mum is Shadow’s hearing person. Shadow is coping with the world as long as she can see Mum at all times and as long as Mum uses sign language to keep Shadow informed on what is going on. I kid you not.

Then there are the times when Shadow gets confused and Mum just holds her until she calms down again and is reassured there is nothing wrong. It’s proving a bit of a full-time job and it would be hard for Shadow to go into kennels without her support person.


Oh you have to laugh at humans. The system for collecting the rubbish changes here from today and Mum is in turmoil trying to work out what bin she should be putting out and what should be in it. Looking on the bright side, the system is still less complicated than what Alfie told me it was like when they lived in Belgium, but you now how hard humans find it to get the hang of change. It’s so hard for them.