Izzy is in Season – Saturday 26th September 2020

Izzy is in Season

I’m so excited. Izzy is in season. After having one niece in this country mating only a week or so ago, to now have another preparing to go to meet the stud dog is just wonderful news. I’m one very happy aunt. Izzy is going for her first progesterone test today. It’s likely to be another week before she meets up with the stud dog. He’s a son from Alfie’s girlfriend, obviously not by Alfie, but nonetheless he’s lovely.

It will hopefully mean I have lots of lovely nieces and nephews born before Christmas. I just wish I could go to see them all, but I’ll have to be patient.

Autumn is here

Well all of a sudden autumn is definitely here. Mum had to go to find her coat. That wasn’t just for sitting in the house either! She is still refusing to put the heating on more than is essential. No, it was because both Shadow and I had walks down to the village. Shadow went to check on the library. That was ironic really as she’s not a bookish kind of dog at all. I went to post out a Club calendar. Mum said the good thing about the weather being bad was that most people wouldn’t go out, which makes it ideal as far as she’s concerned.

Shadow not wanting to get up yesterday


We also spent some of yesterday cooking, which is always a favourite pastime of ours. That’s mainly because Mum is so messy. Anyway, she’s got some new cake and pie tins so felt the need to try them out. She has promised not to eat everything at once and will fill the freezer so she has food prepared when she can’t be bothered to cook… which is most of the time. She said it was also to make sure that the garden produce gets frozen for using. I’m not sure how many apple pies one human needs but I don’t think we will be running out.



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