Working hard – Friday 16th September 2022

Working hard

Mum says Ari was working hard in his swimming lesson yesterday. It was his third session at his new hydrotherapy and he’s settled in a little now. It’s a smaller pool, but he doesn’t mind that too much as he’s at the end near Mum more often that way. He is still as bad about getting into the pool to begin with, but once he’s in he’s happier.

Mum says his most annoying habit is using whatever she is wearing to dry himself on before she can get to him with his towel. She comes out looking as though she has been through the shower, rather than just Ari. It could be very annoying when the weather is cold.  He used to like the blow dry he had at his last place and says he misses that most. He was very fond of his old hydrotherapist too, but he’s getting used to his new one slowly.

Off to the Vet

It’s my turn to be off to the vet today. Don’t worry, I’m fit as a fiddle or at least I hope I am. I need my regular heart scan to make sure nothing has changed and my annual vaccinations. This is where it takes the whole vet staff to pin my down so they can administer my kennel cough. I know I ought to cooperate, but I’m really not a good patient at all.

It’s good to know Mum will be sitting outside waiting for me. I like to know she isn’t far away. I’d rather she was there to hold my paw, but it’s the next best thing. Hopefully, once I come out she will shower me with love and lots of treats. As it is I will have to go without lunch, just in case I need any sedation. It also means I have to stay indoors this afternoon so I don’t eat the apples.

I think the thing which worries me most is that Mum is going to weigh me to see if I have lost any weight on my diet. I do hope I have as I can’t face even more drastic measures.



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