Minding my Manners – Saturday 4th May 2019

Minding my manners

I’m supposed to be minding my manners. It is not easy. As you may be aware, we are by nature quite a strong-willed breed. Of course, we’re also good looking, intelligent and lots of other things that help to make up for it. However, we have determination (for which read stubbornness) in spades. I take after my mother. Shadow is a very determined girl and has passed those genes on and now I seem to be under a programme of ‘retraining’. Apparently, I will go to bed at the time our Mistress says I can go to bed and not when I choose. The real point isn’t about the bedtime itself it’s more about how I go about it. Apparently, barking incessantly to get what I want is not considered acceptable behaviour.

I’ll be honest, we’ve all got a bit noisy recently. It’s down to Alfie kicking off. The rest of us then think it’s acceptable. Alfie has gone back into a quiet phase and our Mistress, for her own sanity is now trying to restore order.

It turns out that however determined I am, our Mistress is even more strong willed and she isn’t going to give in.

Stop thief

Wilma is now on her new food. She likes it, which is a good starting point, but she’s sneaky. When they go for walks she is trying to root out all food opportunities along the way. She also brazenly made a bid for Alfie’s bowl at breakfast yesterday. He eats quite slowly these days and our Mistress had turned her back for a moment and had not realised that Wilma had finished her own bowl of food. Wilma didn’t blink. She was nose into Alfie’s bowl before anyone had chance to stop her. She has been threatened with being isolated at meal times.

Have a great Saturday



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