Back in the chair – Sunday 18th September 2022

Back in the chair

Yesterday we were back in the chair. It was a little bit breezy, but as long as I snuggled up to Mum we were warm enough together. I could have stayed out there all day, but Mum said she did have some things she had to do, which was a shame. It was a lovely time while it lasted. Ari was off eating apples so left us in peace. Shadow just sat on the grass nearby oblivious to the world.

Lemon trees

Ari has been reading up on what to do with the lemon trees now the nights are getting cooler. He was worried as it went down to 4 degrees on Friday night. The good news is that they should be fine down to that temperature, but if it starts to go any lower they need to move inside. Mum has been helping him work out where they need to go. Here is the shocking thing. She has actually said that our big bed in the garden room will need to move to make room for them. Not just move, from our nice sunny spot, but move out of the room altogether. The lemon trees are being given a higher ranking than me! Ok, to be fair, I don’t use that bed very often, but that is not the point.

Plan for today

Mum says the plan for today is to do all the jobs we didn’t do yesterday. Of course, that may also be the plan for tomorrow or the day after that. Looking on the bright side, a lot of those jobs will involve being outdoors so I don’t really mind – unless it includes clearing up the fallen apples – I mind that. I think Mum may be leaving that one for Dad to do later in the week.



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