Big Day – Thursday 13th October 2022

Big day

Today is a big day for Mum. For most people, having their hair cut is just another thing they have to do. Mum hasn’t been to the hairdresser since January 2020. Yes, it’s nearer three years than two since Mum had her hair cut. It’s all been part of her hiding away from the covid world and I don’t suppose she’d be going now if she could still get her brush through the whole of it. She says brushing us is far easier than doing her own hair. I asked if I could go with her to look after her, but she said she wanted to go on her own and promised to be brave.

Walking challenge

We’re still doing all right on our October challenge. We are up to 21.66 miles, so on target. Mum says if she’s not too late back we might go round the racecourse again this afternoon. She’s also said I can have a look for somewhere different to go on Sunday. I’m torn, there are some other National Trust places near here that I want to try, but Mum says we’re going to one of those next week anyway. I’d really like to go to Bradgate Park, but Mum says it will take too much time to get there and back and she’d rather spend the time walking. I’m going to have a look at the map and see what I can find.


Mum has caved in and turned the heating on, at least for a short while in the morning. Shadow said she was finding the house a little cold and didn’t really want to start wearing her coat indoors. It’s not so bad at night if I get cold, I just get under the duvet with Mum, but Shadow can’t get up there. To be honest, with her incontinence I don’t think Mum would be all that pleased if she did.