Arranging a Walk – Wednesday 12th October 2022

Arranging a walk

Oh this is exciting I’m arranging a walk. Mum says I can ask my friends along and we will go whatever the weather. I’ve been talking through with Mum where we should go and she has explained it has to be human friendly as well as dog friendly. Basically she means there need to be toilets and we’ll need a car park. Humans are really funny about the whole toilet thing.

Mum has also stipulated no sheep and preferably somewhere it will be ok for those of us who are happy to be off lead. The biggest problem is not being able to guarantee the weather. Of course, once again, that’s less of a problem for us than it is for the humans.

Twenty miles down

Mum and I have passed the twenty mile mark on our October challenge. We were a bit short of time yesterday and as we had to go and collect Shadow’s medication from the vet it was a good excuse to whizz around the racecourse again. It was another lovely walk, but the odd thing was how many of the dogs we past barked at me. It was either me or Mum, but I think it was me. They didn’t do that the other day so I’m not sure what sort of vibe I was giving off. I was a good girl and didn’t reply to any of them. I checked in the mirror when I got home to make sure one of the others hadn’t attached something weird to my fur.


Aristotle’s eye is not better. He saw the vet on Monday and she says it might still get better of its own accord. We’re going to give it six weeks to see if it clears up before we really start to worry about it being anything more serious. She told Ari to go back if anything changed in the meantime and he can take paracetamol twice a day for the discomfort.