Back in the garden – Friday 25th November 2022

Back in the garden

We were back in the garden yesterday morning with Mum. She was trying to help Aristotle weeding before putting in his new cherry bushes. It was cold. Then it rained. Given that Aristotle headed straight back indoors, Mum said she didn’t see why she should carry on without him, so she downed tools as well. As it turned out, it rained very heavily and we were glad we’d gone inside. One section of the garden is under quite a lot of water. Mum is concerned there might be a drain not working properly, but it’s going to be hard to investigate. She thinks the plants that are sitting in water might not like it. At least the cherry bushes are going at the other end of the garden, so they should be all right.

Favourite place

I’m off to one of my two favourite local walks today. I just don’t know which one yet. We’re meeting one of Mum’s friends so it will be the one they choose. I’ll be a happy dog either way. Mum likes the fact I don’t get too muddy too and I’ve promised if I do find any mud I won’t shake it over anyone – not until I come home anyway.

Family tree

Mum has been showing me my family tree. There is a database with lots of our breed over the years. I can trace some of my ancestors right back to the start of the breed when it gained official recognition in the 1920s. I wanted to print it out, but Mum said it would take up too many sheets of paper. It’s funny thinking that every dog of our breed is descended from just a few original dogs and we’re all related. It means every time I meet another dog like me I know that they’re family, even if not a close relative.

Here’s the weird thing – I’d never looked before, but it turns out that Aristotle is my uncle. Yes – I know, crazy isn’t it. His dad is my granddad. The other amazing thing is that he’s the only dog called Aristotle in the whole database.



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