Going Home – Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Going Home

Today Ari and I are going home. I shall be so happy to see Mum. She has thanked us both for staying an extra couple of days. She’s still having difficulty in getting Alfie back on his feet from the bug, so not taking any risks with us was a good idea. He’s got more probiotics to try and help his tummy getting back to normal, but she says she will be very happy when he stops having such dreadful wind! Given the bug seems to be connected with all the standing water, we really could do with the weather improving a bit, but don’t suppose there’s all that much hope of that happening.

A touch of optimism

Mum could rightly be accused of having had a touch of optimism when she marked her diary for ‘1st March get summerhouse ready’. ‘Ready for what?’ would be my question. I can’t see any likelihood of her wanting to work from it just yet, given the walls leak and it’s not heated. I also have a slight suspicion that the extent of muddy footprints I’d be running through the place might annoy her just a little bit. I’ve suggested she move the note back to 1st June in her diary, but she thought I was being negative.

Bonio Delivery

Alfie was very excited when I spoke to him yesterday. It had been Bonio delivery day. In our household, nothing is more exciting than the arrival of our Bonio delivery. It all started when the supermarket stopped stocking the ones we like. Mum gave us the choice of changing to the ‘original’ flavour, instead of chicken and we all put our paws down and said ‘no’. Then she found she could get them delivered for free as long as she bought five boxes at a time. Can you imagine how exciting the sight of five whole boxes of Bonios arriving at our house is to us? None of us will go to bed at night without our Bonio. It would be a bit like Mum going without her emergency Hobnobs.

Love Wilma