Badly Behaved – Tuesday 27th December 2022

Badly behaved

I may have been part of a badly behaved group of dogs yesterday. We may have made more noise than was absolutely necessary and more than most people appreciated. Izzy, Salvo and I were just so excited to see each other. We were having a full blown conversation before they’d even got out of the car, or for that matter before their door was even open. Once we were all outside we didn’t think to turn the decibels down – why whisper when you can shout? In the end Mum had to walk ahead a little way with me so that I would calm down and be quieter. To be honest, Mum said she couldn’t hear herself think with the noise we were making.

Bradgate Park

You already know I love Bradgate Park, well yesterday it was just great to be able to share that. The weather was perfect and the only drawback was the entire population of Leicestershire seemed to have had the same idea. There were people everywhere and so many dogs. We walked from the car park right along the main made-up roadway, but then went off onto the grass. Salvo really wanted to chase some of the deer, but we were all on lead so he couldn’t. We walked just over four miles altogether. Salvo and Izzy’s mum said she thought I’d lost weight since she last saw me. That made me feel good, until Mum said I’d got a lot more to lose yet. My harness is looser so I’ve made some progress.

Do I want to go shopping?

Today I have the choice between going shopping, where I would probably just sit patiently in the car or staying at home. Mum said it wasn’t fair when I chose staying at home. That’s what she would prefer to do to. Dad’s got it into his head he wants to go to the sales. Shopping is not Mum’s thing. Much too peopley for her. She’s promised they won’t be gone long and then we can go for a nice walk to make up for it – I’m not sure if the making up is for me or her, but either way we’ll both be happy.



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