Mowers – Monday 10th April 2023


Our humans took to the mowers yesterday. Dad had the sit-on lawn mower. Mum had the electric mower that needs to be pushed. In theory, the sit-on mower would get the job done much faster. That reckons without how happy Mum is to keep walking up and down with the small mower without taking a break. Whilst Dad was trying to start the sit-on mower Mum made a start. Then Dad had to pump up a tyre, while Mum was beavering away on the lawns.

To be fair once Dad got going he could cover a lot more ground faster than even Mum could go, but he couldn’t go as close to the edges. And he did run over one of our agility poles that Mum was using as a marker. They did a good job between them and in the end if I’d been awarding points it would have been largely even.

With both mowers in operation we did the sensible thing and stayed out of the way.


It gets worse. Now Mum and Dad are planning to do some decorating together. I can’t think how they could make this competitive. I’m sure they’ll find a way, even if it isn’t dreadfully serious. They would prefer another outdoor day, as would Aristotle. Sadly, I think the forecast is for it to rain all day.

As for me, I’m counting the days off until my vet check up and crossing my paws that my eye will have improved enough for me to get rid of this cone. Mind you, by then Ari will most probably be in a cone so I won’t be able to chase around with him. I think Mum will be glad when she can walk outside without having a cone rammed into the back of her legs. She says she’s getting very bruised. I don’t mean to hurt her but you forget you have a large piece of plastic sticking out in front of you.