Echoes – Sunday 20th August 2023


Oh you should hear the echoes in the office at the moment. Because Mum has taken so much of our stuff out of it so we can start the renovations, every noise echoes. For normal things that’s not too bad. However, if I bark it now makes a very loud echoey noise. Mum has asked us to refrain from barking, but I keep wanted to try it at different pitches to see what I can do. Apparently everyone else is finding it very annoying, but I’m having fun.

The sheep are back in the field behind our garden too, so I had a good bark at them too. Only to say hello, you understand. They baa in return, just not quite so loudly.

Hole in the wall

Back on the subject of the office, Mum has quite a few holes in the walls that need filling. There were already quite a few, but then she removed the rest of the old skirting boards and now there are even more. I’m not really sure she’s capable of some of this, but I don’t have the heart to tell her that. I think Dad may be having his doubts too but I don’t think he dares say anything. Hopefully we’ll all be wrong. On the bright side I guess if the new skirtings are lopsided we won’t see most of them once the bookcases move back in.

Reliving their youth

Worryingly Mum and Dad have been reliving their youth by playing lots of old music from when they were young. It’s funny listening to the songs they choose. They take turns and at times I’m sure it’s a competition for who can find the weirdest track of music. They have a rule that they can’t play the same artist twice, so it’s getting weirder by the day.



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