Feeling Groggy – Thursday 13th June 2024

Feeling groggy

I’m still feeling groggy, but I’ll do my best to tell you about yesterday. In the morning I wasn’t allowed to eat anything, which as you know is never good news. I was already feeling pretty fed up. Waking up in hospital is never my first choice. I was missing Mum and I knew she’d be missing me.

As it turned out it was quite a busy morning, so it didn’t pass as slowly as I expected. First of all I had a meeting with my anaesthetist. They talked through with me what would happen and how they would monitor to make sure I was ok. I needed to be under anaesthetic for quite a long time, so it was important that they were happy with how I was. My consultant came to talk to me too to check I was ok and see if there was anything I was worried about.

The operation

I was taken down to the theatre around midday. They needed to give me a pre-op and then get me ready. Because it was important that I didn’t move about I had to be strapped in position. During my operation they had to shave my fur and then cut open my back and move the muscle aside to get to the spine. They had already made a 3d image of my vertebrae and measured exactly where they needed to drill the holes for the pins.

The pins were quite big as you can see in the picture. They had to get them exactly right when they put the plate in between the bones.

CT Scan

After the operation they wheeled me down for a CT scan to ensure the pins were exactly correct before they brought me round. I am delighted to say that everything had gone to plan and by mid afternoon they were able to ring Mum to reassure her that so far everything was very good indeed. After that, I just wanted to sleep yesterday – and eat of course. I definitely wanted to eat.

Overnight – still feeling a little groggy

I’ve been uncomfortable overnight, but so far so good. The consultant will do his ward round at about 8.30am and will then ring Mum again to tell her how I’m doing. If I’m doing really well then I might even go home today, but I think it’s more likely to be tomorrow.



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  1. Dear Wilma, I am so glad the operation went well. Going under the knife is never a small feat, especially when it is a complex operation like yours was. At least, once you have fully recovered, you will start noticing improvements to your mobility and life in general. If I could bring you a freshly-baked batch of yummy dog biscuits, I certainly would!

  2. Liebe Wilma wir aus dem Berner Oberland wuenschen gute Besserung und Heilung.
    Sind so froh dass die OP gut verlief!!!!!
    Herzlich liebe Gruesse
    Maja, Fritz mit Tosca die gestern Geburtstag hatte und 12 Jahre alt wurde, Beija-Flor, Fenja die Wilde

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