Going Home – Friday 14th June 2024

Going Home

Today if all goes to plan I’m going home. I had my intravenous pain relief reduced through the course of yesterday in preparation and I’m doing ok. I will still have pain relief for a while, but hopefully that is going to reduce. You have to laugh. One way I really impressed the consultant was how quickly I regained my appetite. He really doesn’t know me does he? When he said that to Mum she nearly laughed. She will be coming to pick me up at 11am and I just can’t wait to see her.

What I’ve had done

You can see from this picture taken at my CT scan what has been done. Yes, those pins really are that big and that’s my spine you’re looking at. The green area is a sort of cement that sets and holds everything in place. I guess movement is going to feel a little strange and more restricted, but that has to be better than the bones pressing on the nerves and making me scream.

Recovery plan

For the next two weeks I have to rest and only go out for toilet breaks. I’m not allowed to use stairs or climb on the settee. Mum knows the only way to be safe on both of those is for me to use crates, so she has set an extra one up in the new garden room to make sure we can be together as much of the time as possible.

After that I have to stay on lead for a further six weeks and only have gentle exercise. I can have up to 20 minute walks three times a day as long as I’m happy. Paws crossed that the weather is nice as it will be good to get out in the sunshine. It should all mean that if I’m a good girl then by the time I go to Switzerland later in the year I should be fully recovered. Paws crossed.



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