Puppy – Sunday 6th January 2019


Today I’m going to collect a puppy. It’s not for me you understand. I’ve developed a new career of puppy runner! No, I’m joking. We’re just driving little Charlie-Dexter to meet his new humans. I have a very important job to do of taking care of him in the back while Mum does the driving. We’re not actually leaving with him until tomorrow, so today I will be getting to know him first so that he feels happy travelling with me. I shall get to see my sister Tosca and her puppies too, which I’m very excited about. Meanwhile waiting to hear news of my sister Valeria’s litter which is due tomorrow.

Very snowy

Yesterday it snowed almost all day. When Mum and I went out first thing, it hadn’t actually started, but then when it did, it just didn’t stop. We drove to the city of Zug as there was a shop the humans needed to go to and that wasn’t too bad. Then later we went up my mountain for a walk. Oh my! It took quite a time to drive the 2 miles to the top. Then when we got out of the car we could barely see. It was very easy getting into the car park, which is unusual at the weekend. There weren’t many dogs out walking, but there were lots of small children on sleds being pulled by their parents. I suggested to Mum that I would like to try that, but oddly she didn’t seem keen.

Snow Shoes

Dad has bought some snowshoes to try. Mum is going to wait and try his before she gets some. I asked where mine were, but apparently he couldn’t find any in my size. I guess I’m going to have to have that sled after all.

Me and Dad – no snowshoes yet



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