Puppies – Monday 7th January 2019


Yesterday was all about puppies. It didn’t start that way. To begin with, it was all about snow. Rather unfortunately, the snow plough had been past our house and left a whole pile of snow blocking Mum’s car in. She had to dig the car out before we could actually go anywhere. She says she doesn’t really know where she will park on our next trip because there is no way Dad is going to be able to keep that particularly patch clear enough for her to park there. Ah well, it’s not really us that needs to worry. Dad has to get his car in and out every day while we’re away and that will be difficult enough.


Tosca and her puppies

When we got to my sister Tosca’s house, fortunately there was a lot less now there. She is very well and has five lovely puppies. There is one very small one which really reminded Mum of Aristotle and she was laughing about how when you have to look after a tiny one and give them extra attention it is very hard to give them away. I was starting to think she was going to be adding another to our little family, but she has promised me that is not the case.


Then there is Dexter. Oh my. It made me realise how much I’ve now grown up. Boy is he full of energy. I was none too impressed about how he was jumping all over me. It made me glad I’d only got to put up with him for another day. Now, don’t get me wrong. He is absolutely lovely and really very good looking, but the energy! Was I really like that three years ago? Mum says I didn’t get the nickname ‘Wild Wilma’ for nothing, but I just find it hard to believe.


Saying Goodbye

It was hard to say goodbye to Dad yesterday. He had to drive back to our house and then couldn’t even get his car onto the drive because of all the snow. He had to get out and shovel snow out of the way before he could do the last few meters. We felt sad that we couldn’t be there to help. It won’t be long until we see him though and we are looking forward to seeing Alfie, Shadow and Aristotle when we get home.



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