Hard Day – Monday 11th February 2019

Hard day

Today is proving a hard day with Alfie. He did not enjoy being in kennels and it has really unsettled him. Actually, Mum’s attempts at improvements in some areas don’t seem to be working. When she picked the others up, Alfie was very confused because he always sits on the seat and didn’t want to get into the boot, even though it’s easier. Ari, always sits in the back and didn’t want to get up to the back seat. He can’t actually jump onto the back seat any more easily that Alfie can. However, he knows that so he doesn’t try. He simply waits for Mum to help him get in. Unfortunately he didn’t like being in a kennel on his own and was really upset anyway. I just lay in a corner with my paws over my ears and let them all get on with the arguments that ensued. Mum says she’s not sure whether persevering with her experiments is going to work.

Bed time

It all got worse at bedtime though. We’re having a bit of a change round there too. Shadow is going to be sharing Aristotle’s room at night. He’s not unhappy about it and said after feeling lonely in kennels he’s quite grateful. Shadow on the other paw had quite a lot to say about it. She is not impressed and is making her feelings known. I’m keeping out of that one as I like sleeping with Mum and don’t want her to get any ideas about that changing too.

Long walk

I think the answer is for us all to go for a long walk. Failing that I think I should go for a long walk and leave them all to work it out without me. Mum says I can count her in, but I think she may need to referee the arguments.

Love Wilma