Sunday lie in – Sunday 10th February 2019

Sunday lie in

We’re having a Sunday lie in. It’s a bit of a luxury. Mum can’t go to collect the others until this afternoon so she and I are making the most of it. She said she was feeling really tired so how would I feel about an early night and a lie in this morning? Given she said I could share her bed, who was I to argue. I’ve popped downstairs just for my breakfast and to write this for you and then I’m nipping back upstairs to bed again. I think when we do get up we’re going for a nice walk somewhere, if we can find anywhere that is not too wet.


I have to say that Mum taking the middle panel of the crate out to make it easier for Alfie really has its advantages. It’s great having so much space when we’re travelling. I really enjoyed being able to stretch out and move around when I wanted to. I’ve asked if we can keep it like that for my next trip to Switzerland. Mum says she will have to see how much luggage she needs to travel with but I’m optimistic that she will say yes. I’m counting down the days to going now. I can’t wait. There has been a bit of a snow melt going on, but I’m sure there will be some more before I get there.


Of course the downside of today is that Mum has said I should do some training for Crufts. I’m not awfully keen if we’re being honest, but I guess she doesn’t want me to embarrass us both. She did sweeten it slightly by saying I will always be perfect in her eyes, but I know that’s just flannel. So I’m ready to keep my head up and trot nicely in a straight line. Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m expecting it to be like last year where I just want to get out of the ring and go to find her!

Have a great Sunday

Love Wilma

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