Getting Excited – Thursday 14th February 2019

Getting excited

I’m getting excited and it’s not because I’ve got a date tonight. Oh I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but no one has invited me to go anywhere, so I’m guessing I’m Mum’s date for the evening. I don’t suppose we’ll actually go anywhere, but I might get her to curl up with us in front of a film for the evening. That’s not what I’m getting excited about though. I’m getting excited as it’s only one week until I go to see Dad. I don’t know which bit I’m most excited about – Dad, seeing Mama and Valeria and my new nieces and nephews or the snow! Ok, I lie, other than seeing Dad the most important thing will be trying to chase Timmy the cat next door. I wonder if he likes snow.

Sunny Days

Mum says that apart from seeing Dad she is most looking forward to sunny days and walking in our favourite places in the snow. I think Dad is most looking forward to there being someone else to do some of the snow clearing and to be fair I think I’d have had enough if I were him. Ironically, one of the jobs Mum has to do before we go is to buy a freezer to be delivered while we’re there and she can be in for the delivery. All that snow, you wouldn’t think we’d need a freezer. On the bright side, it will mean she can buy some ice cream for us to have at home.


Of course the downside of going away is that we’ll be away from Alfie for a while and neither of us really likes that now. Mum worries about him. He hates us going too, which doesn’t make it any easier. He puts a brave face on it, but I know he finds it hard.

Have a wonderful Thursday



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